What makes your dog, your dog?

Genetic traits can determine the appearance, behavior, and development of your canine companion. Know Your Pet DNA by Ancestry® can help you identify your dog’s genetic traits and make sense of them.

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What Determines Traits

A trait is any characteristic a dog inherits from their bloodline. Because of selective breeding, each breed has its own set of commonly shared traits. Think Collie intelligence, Bulldog stubborness, Frenchie perky ears...

Know Your Pet DNA reveals insights into the unique genetic makeup of your pup, to help you understand them even better.

Types of Traits

Which quirks did they inherit from their ancestors? And which are because they're just... quirky? (We're looking at you, singing huskies). Know Your Pet DNA experts can assess your dog’s DNA for 30+ traits. So you can see how they combine to make your pet one of a kind.

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How we help you understand traits

Know Your Pet DNA experts can assess your dog’s DNA for 30+ traits. So you can see how they make your pet one of a kind.

The Science Behind Traits

The Know Your Pet DNA scientists can measure the genetic likelihood that your dog has certain behavioral and appearance traits.

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Discover your dog's DNA story.

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