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When we process your dog's DNA, we'll compare it to other dogs in our extensive doggy database. If we find any close genetic matches, we'll let you know - and you can explore your dog's extended family.

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So much more to matching

With matches, you can see other pups your dog shares DNA with and where they live. 
You might bump into them at your local dog park, or they may even be in another country. With each match you can compare the breeds they have in common, and if you have multiple dogs you can see how much DNA they share.

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Never Miss a New Match

View your dog's match list, which will be updated whenever your dog's profile has a new genetic match—whether it’s been a few days or a few dog years since we received your pup’s DNA. You can access all your matches anytime.

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The Science Behind Matches

Our advanced science can identify your dog's relatives through DNA matching. By comparing your pet’s DNA profile against our database, we can help you locate siblings, cousins, and distant family members in your area.

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Discover your dog's DNA story.

An at-home pet DNA test kit with a prepaid returns box sent straight to your door—with everything you need to collect a sample, pack it up, and send it back.

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