What's in a breed?

We test your dog's DNA against over 400 breeds.

A breed is a group of dogs that descend from a shared lineage. They're formed over hundreds of years as dog owners choose specific traits, physical features, and temperaments to pass down to new generations. Now, there are hundreds of breeds with their own characteristics and origins.

Knowing more about these genetic roots can tell us a lot about a dog's health, temperament, and appearance.

That's why we developed the Know Your Pet DNA test.
 We want to help you get to know your companion even
better than you already do.

Styrian Coarse-haired Hound
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Understand your dog's breed

With DNA testing, you get a picture of your dog’s genetic history. And knowing their breed composition

means you can better understand why they act, look, and develop the way they do.

English Toy Spaniel

Appreciate their Appearance

Learn all about the physical characteristics specific to their breed(s). Waggy tails come as standard.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lying on back

Celebrate their Personality

Discover which quirks they may have inherited from their ancestors. And which ones are just uniquely theirs.

Border Collie

Support their Wellbeing

Understand how their genetic code might influence how they develop throughout their life.

Understand Breed Mixes

Powered by Ancestry®, Know Your Pet DNA can give you a clearer picture of the breeds that make your dog, your dog. Our detailed reports help you understand your pet right down to their roots. Because knowing their genetic history makes it easier to care for their future.

PetDNA pie chart 46% best match Labrador Retriever

Best match

Labrador Retriever

46% Labrador Retriever

25% Poodle

13% Golden Retriever

10% Chow Chow

6% Other

How the Science Works

The Know Your Pet DNA scientists can determine the breeds in your dog's genetic make-up.

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Discover your dog's DNA story.

An at-home pet DNA test kit with a prepaid returns box sent straight to your door—with everything you need to collect a sample, pack it up, and send it back.

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