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Your dog's story told through their DNA.

With Know Your Pet DNA, you can learn more about your dog's breed mix, traits, and matches—all in a single test kit brought to you by the DNA experts at Ancestry®.

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Testing your dog is simple, quick, and easy. Once you receive our test kit, just gently rub your dog’s inner cheek with the soft swab, place the sample in the prepaid returns box, and send it back to the lab. Our scientists will do the rest.


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We'll send your Know Your Pet DNA results in an easy, clear report, filled with information about your dog—like which breeds are in their family tree, and what traits they inherited from their bloodline.

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PetDNA pie chart 46% best match Labrador Retriever

Best match

Labrador Retriever

46% Labrador Retriever

25% Poodle

13% Golden Retriever

10% Chow Chow

6% Other


You know a lot about your dog. We know how DNA can tell you even more.

At Ancestry®, we really know DNA. We've got more than a decade of experience. And now, Know Your Pet DNA brings our expertise to the furrier members of your family. So you can learn more about your much-loved pup, and feel extra confident about giving them care that's just right for them.

Discover your dog’s DNA story.

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